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Our custom wetsuits are authentic artisan masterpieces, born from the finest tailoring tradition.
In each of our garments, you can perceive the passion for our ancient craft, passed down through generations: the attention to detail and the precision of the finishes make each wetsuit and accessory a unique piece.
But that's not enough for us. In the pursuit of perfection, and in respect of tradition, our rubber wetsuits are exclusively handmade, as it is the attention to detail that makes the difference.
The careful selection of the smallest details makes our products of the highest quality.

Choose your wetsuit by customizing it as you wish.
Through an easy guided tour, you will discover the pleasure of wearing a high-quality tailor-made garment, a bespoke suit created specifically for you, cut, camouflaged, sewn, and hand-finished. You can purchase our products online, with the highest security standards.
ur tailor-made clothes are authentic artisan masterpieces, the result of the finest tailoring tradition. In each of our garments, you can perceive all the passion for our ancient craft, passed down from generation to generation:
attention to detail and precision in the finishes make each garment and accessory a unique piece, created by skilled hands capable of creating a true "wetsuit".
Lots of photos from our users have been emailed to us recently
here are some photos selected by us among the most beautiful.

LEROIdesign & C. s.a.s. is a company, which was founded in 2009 but in the space of a few years has managed to conquer a significant space in the field of diving thanks to the competence, professionalism and passion of the people who work there, some of whom can even boast of having spent a lifetime in this sector.
Champions, innovators and leaders of the sport to help us understand everyone's needs!
Our company pays "obsessive" attention to every finish and every little detail to obtain a product that fully respects the canons of the best Italian artisan tradition in the underwater field.
In fact, our mission has always been the pursuit of perfection : from the fit of the suit that allows maximum comfort and pleasure to wear it, to the possibility of the widest possible customization, so as to obtain a unique product, a product capable of fulfill every customer desire.
Address:   Via Aurelio Robino 29r,16142 Genova-Italy
                     E.mail: info@leroidesign.it
The passion for our work leads us to always give the best, those who use us know that they will receive a 100% Made in Italy tailored product, a product with attention to every detail and created specifically for him.
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